KG-1 Classroom :  September 30th ,2019   till   June 5th, 2020

  Nursery Classroom : September 16th ,2019   till   June 5th, 2020

  New Curriculum:

  • Nursery Classroom : English and French

  • KG-1 Classroom : English, French and Arabic

SCC Plexi Label 2016-01


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What makes Toddlers’ Inn a great place to grow and learn ?

We have 800 m² of classes and gardens. We are certified by the Ministry of Health in addition to being accredited from Boecker® for Safe Childcare.
Our team is highly qualified and experienced in early childhood, holding bachelor’s degrees.
Moreover, at our nursery, we have a registered pediatric nurse that takes care of our kids, trains staff, observes and checks food qualify and monitors hygiene. We also accommodate a pediatric doctor who checks the development of our kids 4 times a year for early detection of any pediatric problems in order to minimize any future prognosis.
We offer 2 meal servings, breakfast and lunch, that are adequate for the development of the brain. Furthermore, our food elements are from certified sources; where we then take care of food handling, preparation and storing at our kitchen; by checking the food temperature (raw and after being cooked).
We also support a pre-school program that is compatible with the Lebanese curriculum in order to prepare students for school life. Our motto “Grow, Explore and Learn” permits us to support the children with concrete materials and ideas to inspire the children and develop the educational process through art, music, logic games and hands-on investigations.

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