Safety and Security

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Designing the dream nursery isn’t just about choosing a cute theme and poring over paint colors. While it’s easy to get caught up in all that fun stuff, you need to spend just as much time making sure it’s a safe space for your baby.

The Nursery has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your child and the Manager is responsible for health and safety matters concerning the nursery premises. All staff are aware of potential hazards within the nursery and the surrounding environment and actively protect children from hazards. We aim to provide all staff with first aid training. All accidents and any incidents are recorded in the Accident Report Book. All accidents are accurately notified to the parent as soon as possible. Hygiene rules relating to bodily fluids are followed with particular care and all staff are aware of how infections can be transmitted.

In the nursery we aim to:

  1. Involve and motivate nursery staff in all matters concerning Health & Safety.
  2. Prevent accidents, injuries and ill-health and to identify and eliminate hazardous situations.
  • Achieve a high standard of occupational health, safety, welfare and hygiene.
  1. Control situations likely to be hazardous to health and safety in the nursery or cause damage to persons or equipment.
  2. Provide a safe and healthy environment.


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