We believe that reasonable limits should be set for children to ensure their safety and personal rights and to develop a concern for others and for the materials they use.

Our school divides the pupils into small classes to afford each child the opportunity to build an identity with a special teacher and with a limited number of children and their parents.

A skeletal structure of routines is used to afford children the security of a time framework within their school day.

A wide variety of activities is then added to these basic structures to build upon the children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder about their world.

There is time devoted to dramatic play, creative activities, construction projects, large and small muscle activities, music and dance, science exploration, stories and language arts, and trips into the larger outside world.

As parents and teachers working together, we are constantly striving to provide the best possible pre-school experience.  This means being in tune with the pre-schooler’s development and abilities to create a learning environment which is exciting and interesting – a place where children find that school is fun!

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